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Fantastic game. Roughly 5 minute sessions. Two difficulties (the harder one beats me roughly one third of the time, which is perfect).  3 AI 'players' with different tactics, and a wildcard selection that chooses one at random but doesn't tell you which (emergent play).

The 'juice' and interface are exemplary. Tokens are just large enough to be selected with confidence that, on a phone, the one you pick is the one you were intending to pick. Attacks/Actions have distinct audio and iconography. The pacing of the actions is long enough to make it very clear what just happened, but never lingers to the 'get on with it's point. Pieces look distinct, even pallet swapped tokens for similar pieces on the opposing team. If you are going to win in the next turn, the AI skips it's action to save you a half second instead of dragging things out. If a piece isn't available to act with, it's icon closes it's eyes so you can tell at a glance.

The game itself is excellent. There's no Nash Equilibrium regarding what course of action to pursue. It's equally viable to shift the board around until the opponent has no decent plays left and win via positioning, or to assassinate the opposing King piece via archers, or to turtle your medic in such a way as to ensure you recover slightly more damage each round than the opponent can deal, or to positionally control their multiattack pieces while using your own to whittle them down, or to force them to skip action phases enough to force a forfeit, or or or or or. Each strategy has a counter, and to win it is necessary to constantly read the board and adapt your strategy. It's engaging, is what I'm trying to get across.

It's a free five minute game that's easily worth twenty bucks. 

I have barely dipped my toes into the online multiplayer. The hotseat Android version does let you chose between passing your phone back and forth or laying it down and playing facing each other (it flips the opposing pieces to make them more legible to someone looking at the phone 'upside down '). Little quality of life features like that are awesome.

Improvements? Maybe let the player chose to go first or second in single player. A Grandmaster AI that swapped between the other AI strategies depending on how the board looked would be neat. Daily challenges (game starts halfway through, player gets one shot). A quick start button that picked hard chaotic (unknown AI) with randomly chosen initial board setup and the player randomly going first or second. Being able to review previous online matches move by move would be educational. These are all nitpicking, the game is very much complete and entertaining the way it is.


Hey, I just saw this review, thank you so much for your kind words, it made my day! 

Amazing game

I've been playing this game for a while which I got in the racial injustice bundle, so thanks for putting this in there!  I really enjoy it, but there's a few things I'd suggest.

  1. First and most importantly, the 24 hour multiplayer limit NEEDS to be extended.  Or perhaps customizable.  The amount of games that have ended because someone doesn't get back in 24 hours is ridiculous, and it ends up frustrating people and making them give up on the game which just kills multiplayer even further.  Friends won't play with me anymore because of this, and you're losing out on people getting addicted to your game!  Even playing against random people, the game will end and then 2 or 4 hours later I get an invite to a new game from the same person.  If you provide this game on the computer (like here at itch & your steam version), you need to give people more flexibility.  Most people have busy lives and cannot always get back to the game within 24 hours.
  2. It's probably impossible at this point with how far you are in development, but I'm a huge proponent of not developing Android games with Google services attached.  More and more people are starting to strip google services from their phones, and that means over time you'll lose more and more potential customers.  There are lots of alternatives like OpenKit.  Just my 2 cents.
  3.  I found a bug in the aggressive mode where if an archer is in an isolated group, he will always move but never shoot forward (only sideways).  If there are no enemies to his side, the computer just skips until the end of the game.  I haven't tested it a ton, but my instances always occurred in the upper right hand corner.

Thanks again for the game!  I'm looking forward to seeing what improvements you have next!

Hey, thanks for your feedback. I'll look into the possibility of offering the Android version as not including Google Play Services. :) 

No problem!  I see a ton of feedback here, and I think a big reason is people see so much potential with this game!  It really is fun, but with some more refinement it really could be great.  I hope your game gets more recognition because it really deserves it!

That's so kind, thank you!


Thanks so much for submitting this game to the bundle for racial justice and equality! I've finished my review of the game for my indie gaming site and had a great time playing it.

Hi there,
yesterday I stumbled (here) over this litte game and I like it   :D

Some thoughts:

  • Nevertheless, although playing on 'easy', it feels like loosing all the time   ô.ONot sure if (1/5) on easy is the supposed win ratio there   ;-)
  • Why can't I choose to have the turn? Feels like I'm always starting second place.
  • Once lost I'd like to review the game to find flaws in my personal game play, but the session is over - no possibility to find my faults (when did I start to loose).
  • Playing solo against a bot an (infinite) redo would theoretically be possible, isn't it? I'd love to have that   :)
    Saying infinite, I mean even back 1 or 2 turns before.
  • If I chose to attack using a Knight and ther is only one enemy to be hit, after doing so there is no second hit to be distributed. Still the game feels like there was still anothe raction left to be done (attack a second time vs. ending the turn).
    This differs from all the other actions and feels weired.

Anyways, as said before, good job, thanks   ;-)

I'm playing via Steam and look forward to a (paid) app on android    :D

Best wishes   ^.^


A neat example of the essence of board games ported to digital !  The mechanics are smart and simple, easy to understand, not-so-easy to master ! Beautiful yet simple graphics, challenging AIs, I overall really enjoyed the game, though I have some suggestions :

  • When using multiple-action pieces such as the Knight and the Medic, you need to confirm finishing your turn if you haven't used all the actions (which makes sense). But you still need to confirm if you don't have any options left, which is a bit annoying in my opinion. Maybe just skip the turn when you used all the actions or  when you used the most you could. (Hope it makes sense...)
  • It should be made clearer in the tutorial that the black shield starts with 3 HP only.
  • It should be made clearer when pieces are isolated : in my opinion, the closed eyes are not enough (plus, the shields don't have eyes). Isolated pieces could maybe get greyed out, or have a little cross marker on them etc.
  • Two other little visual improvements : the coloured outline for each piece could perhaps be thicker as it can often be hard to see. And maybe add an alternative texture set which would be more minimalistic with only monochrome symbols (such as a crown, a wizard hat, two swords, a plus-sign, a bow and arrow, and a shield) because the different pieces may look very similar in smaller devices (like mobile)

Keep up the good work !

-- Frost

Hey, thanks so much for checking out our game :) I've made a note of your feedback!

One thing I'd suggest you check out is the "auto-advance" option in the settings - this will automatically advance the turn if a Knight or Medic has no attacks left, as you suggest. We didn't make it the default behaviour because in our play testing new players found it confusing, but it's there if you'd like it!

Hey there! I liked your game and added it to my little list of indies like table top simulator! (: Im aware your game isnt actually like tabletop simulator, but I figured making videos like these is a good way to get indies exposure! Here it is if ya wanna see it!

Awesome, thank you for featuring us!

A very simple and elegant strategy game, which gets perhaps a little too easy after some time training against the AI! However, one can also play online or versus a human, and then things get much more complicated...

fun game, but there is a bug that does not end the game even tho you cant go on the other side, that should be considered a draw, but the game continued, pls fix that thx 

- TBRWorld

Hi, can you screenshot the board when this bug happened? 

wait, i was jk. Later i found out that we got isolated. I was just mad lol


I actually rather enjoyed this game. I got roughed up a bit, but that's OK  :)

Awesome! This is great 😄

Playing on Android against my friend on IOS. They get notifications but I don't. Dope game though!


Free, easy to learn turn-based strategy game in Early Access. It has various colourblind modes. It's straightforward and fairly elegant already, so worth checking out. 3/5 stars - enjoyable.


A very nice game. Would like an option for faster animations.

Agreed; the game goes way too slow and should also have blank health pip graphics instead of making them disappear when taking hits, since that makes it needlessly challenging for newbies who don't remember how much health is left remaining for which units.

I killed an enemy AI king and then Android wouldn't even give me the victory... "Unfortunately, Feud has stopped."

This game has great ideas and the static graphics are drop-dead gorgeous in their own simplistic way, but the animations are nowhere near as clear as they could be to show what exactly is happening, or could happen, per turn.

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Hey, thanks so much for this useful feedback. :) The next update will feature updated health pips and I'll try and speed the animations up a little too. 

Per the crash - sorry about that! Unfortunately I only get crash logs on the Play Store version of the game, but I'll have a look and see if anyone else has had the same issue so I can work out what went wrong.

Update: sneaky peek of the new health pips:

Very clever!  I like games that do a lot with a little.  I just wish it had an undo button for when I realise I've made the wrong swap ;)

Exactly what you call "easy to learn but difficult to master". It reminds me some chess-based games. I had such fun and it was difficult to stop.
Keep going!

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Most interesting, intelligently designed and altogether well done piece of entertainment.


Pity that for time being the Linux version is by two grades outdated.


Hey, the Linux version actually isn't out of date! Those are just the version numbers assigned by Itch. :)

i got my ass kicked


android version downloaded :) its look really fun and tough 


Pretty fun  strategy game! I 100% reccomend!