Feud 1.7 has been released!

Hello Feud players! Just in time for Christmas, our 1.7 update is here, featuring a host of bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements. Without further ado, here's the list of changes.

  • Added some lovely new symbols to pieces to make them more visually distinct.
  • Piece colours now respect your colour blindness setting properly!
  • The markers during the placement phase now pulse in a very pleasing way.
  • The info text now rotates if you're playing Versus in Opposite mode. No more needing to stand on your head to read it!
  • Fixed some rouge translation bugs. I mean rogue. You can see where the issue comes from.
  • Made the settings menu volume sliders 'sticky' to be less annoying.
  • Added some missing SFX to places they were...missing.
  • Fixed a bug where a dialog box wasn't very socially aware and outstayed its welcome.
  • Stopped showing that creepy blank avatar when you're not signed in.
  • Tweaked the text on some things to make it a bit clearer.
  • Added Ollie to the credits screen. He's our new QA and is the reason these release notes are so long. Be sure to thank him.
  • [Android] The launch screen now respects your dark mode setting. No more being blinded at 1am when you're playing Feud instead of sleeping!

Be sure to log into Feud at some point in the next few days to get your Christmas skin unlock. Thanks for playing, and we'll see you in 2022!



Feud for Windows 118 MB
Version 1.7.0 Dec 22, 2021
Feud for Android 75 MB
Version 1.7.0 Dec 22, 2021
Feud for macOS 129 MB
Version 1.7.0 Dec 22, 2021
Feud for Linux 120 MB
Version 1.7.0 Dec 22, 2021

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hello Bearwaves! thank you very much for your hardwork!